Beauty Therapy By Kathy

I love to make you feel amazing!


Gel Manicure and Pedicure

9 years ago I introduced Gel Polish into my salon, it has been an outstanding success, my

clients absolutely love it!  Gels have completely changed the face of manicures and

pedicures, it is a hybrid gel crossed with nail polish. Gel Polish will protect your nails, helping

them grow long, strong and healthy. No more splitting nails, no more chipped or peeling

varnish. Gel Polish is set under a lamp and dries instantly, eliminating any risk of smudging,

no hanging around waiting for your nails to dry. Best of all, 2 weeks or more of beautiful

elegant nails. Soaks off easily in 20 minutes.


This is the way forward for nails. Gel Polish is superb for winter pedicures no more leaving the salon in flip flops mid winter, have ones feet Gel Polished then pull on the Ugg boots, perfect!


Why not come along for this inovative treatment with a friend, enjoy a coffee and a chat whilst having your nails done.


Treatment time first Gel Polish one hour - £28.00


If Full pedicure required as well as Gel Polish - £32.00


Subsequent treatments including FREE soak off one hour fifteen minutes - £28.00


Just soak off - £7.50